cindy_studioCindy Peterson is a classical realism painter who specializes in still lifes. She earned a degree in retail management with a minor in art history from Michigan State University. Cindy began her career in the arts as a skilled printmaker who demonstrated a bold contemporary style. After a successful entry into the art world with printmaking, Cindy shifted her priorities to motherhood and raising three daughters.

Cindy did, however, continue to kindle her passion for art via classes at the prestigious Ox-Bow Summer School of Art and through tutelage with several local artists. In early 2009, Cindy began studying with classical painter, Thimgan Hayden. Cindy became immediately intrigued by the discipline and human appeal of classical realism and then flourished as a classical realism painter. She discovered her true artistic voice by utilizing natural light, oils, and tools reminiscent of the Old Masters to create exacting representations of every day objects.

Fully emerged from her brief hiatus from the art world, Cindy continues to expand her portfolio in her Saugatuck, Michigan studio. Her work exemplifies her own distinctive style that utilizes soft lighting and brushstrokes, precise observation, simplicity, and visual clarity to inspire still life representations. Influences on her body of work include past masters Chardin and Vermeer, as well as contemporary painters Juliette Aristides and Jacob Collins. Cindy states that, “Above all, I strive for the purest simplicity and then the mystery that becomes revealed within it.”